The Lifestyle Program


Here’s lifestyle change you probably never thought possible. But since I’ve been through it, not only do I know it’s possible, I know how to get you there.


With this program…


The weight fluctuations will be gone. No more bloated belly, foggy brain, achy muscles, exhausted mornings, or grouchy attitudes. Ever. Again.


This program will help you overcome those things with ease, support your long-term health goals, and craft a sustainable and healthy way of life specifically designed for you.


This is a six month plan customized to support lasting transformation and benefits.


Together we’ll create meaningful, no-going-back healthy habits. This program is designed to help you stick to the changes that will be the backbone of your health and longevity.


This is a whole-life program—we will address all things nutrition and we’ll discuss, in detail:


  • stress and the tools to alleviate it
  • relationships and what they mean for your health
  • the effect and benefits of exercise and what’s best for you
  • the skill of relaxation
  • the art of sleep hygiene (and why it’s so important)
  • keeping your environment toxin-free (essential for hormone health)
  • how to cook and store food properly (oh, you think you know…)
  • and ancient healing practices that combat modern ailments


The Lifestyle Program is a life-changing experience. You will end this program on a path to health, peace, and joy.


Program Benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Great sleep
  • Better moods
  • Happier relationships
  • More energy
  • Goal achievement


You will be better equipped to chase and fulfill your goals and dreams, support your loved ones, and inspire others to do the same. There will literally be no stopping you!


This program includes:

  • An initial consultation and evaluation meeting
  • Grocery store tour* (at your preferred store)
  • A private cooking instruction with me
  • Evaluation and accountability sessions every 3 weeks (a total of 8)
  • Unlimited email Q&A (emails are responded to within 24 hours unless otherwise noted)
  • A customized checklist of your nutritional to-do’s
  • Support documents to help guide you and remind you


This investment in your health: $1895


The ROI: A longer, happier, healthier life full of joy and peace.


*Grocery store tours are available to residents of Tarrant county only.


Meetings and consultations can be conducted by phone, FaceTime or Zoom. In person consultations and grocery store tours will be conducted in Tarrant County only.