Reiki Sessions


Reiki (Ray-Key), is an ancient, gentle hands on (or off) healing art that helps you feel better and heal better.


Reiki brings healing to the mind, body, and spirit by helping to alleviate pain, stress and anxiety. It allows your body to use its inner wisdom to heal, experience deep relaxation, and promote personal growth.


What to expect:


Upon arrival, you will lay down, fully clothed, on a comfortable Reiki table. I will begin to work, placing my hands over different chakra and energy centers.


By doing this, I help release and clear blocked energy. Clients often refer to feeling a slow melting, floating feeling. Your job is to simply relax and receive. There is no movement or physical activity, so you may wear whatever you wish.


This is perfect for a midday reset, clearing energy from a tough week, or prepping for a big life event.


Reiki Sessions

$85 • 60 Minutes

$120 • 90 Minutes

$375 • Five 60 Minute Sessions

$700 • Ten 60 Minute Sessions

Reiki sessions are conducted in my private studio in Fort Worth, Texas. Once you purchase your sessions, I will contact you directly to book.