The Custom Evaluation


If you are simply curious about which custom program you need or just want to see where you stand nutritionally, this one is for you.


This consultation takes a deep dive into your nutrition and lifestyle patterns. You and I will work to uncover what’s not supporting you and find the path that will.


The Custom Evaluation will answer the questions of “How am I doing nutritionally?” and “Which custom program do I really need?”


Because information and advice runs amok in our always connected world, it can cause a permanent state of confusion and doubt when it comes to what is right for your body and lifestyle.


This consultation will give you a firm understanding of what’s happening in your body now, how you can change what you don’t like, and what your specific needs are.


Change is possible. And change is easier (and tastier) than you can imagine.


After just one consultation you will have the knowledge you need to take the first steps to lasting change.


There are just four easy steps to booking this appointment:


  1. Purchase the evaluation by following the steps below. Check out with your credit or debit card, or PayPal account if desired.
  2. Look for an email from me with instructions.
  3. Schedule an appointment.
  4. Leave your appointment feeling informed, confident, and supported on your new journey to health.


If you have any questions about whether or not this is the right choice for you, please email me and I will help you get pointed in the right direction.


This customized consultation includes:

  • Initial consultation and evaluation.
  • Customized food journal evaluation, complete with nutritional, lifestyle and supplement suggestions.
  • One follow up session to go over your nutritional and lifestyle “to do’s” and start you on your way to better health.


This investment in your health: $395


Consultations can be conducted by phone, FaceTime or Zoom. In person consultations will be conducted in Tarrant County only.