Grocery Store Tour


Get to know what’s good and not-so-good at your favorite grocery store and take the guess-work out of your ingredients list!


Ingredients we can’t pronounce, tiny print, deceptive buzzwords and labeling, and so much confusion lurks on the grocery store shelves.


After this one hour tour of your favorite store you will know what to keep on your shopping list, what to get rid of, and what to replace it with.


It’s the easiest and fastest way to avoid ingredients that shouldn’t be on the shelves to begin with and are causing you and your family’s health more harm than good.


We’ll take a list of your most regularly purchased items and give them the once-over.

Grab a notebook, bring a pen, and get your list! This one trip will change your view of the grocery store shelves forever.


Some of what we’ll cover:


  • Organic vs. conventional
  • The secret GMOs, oils, and chemicals hiding in your food
  • How to choose the best meats
  • What quality ingredients look like
  • What products will best serve your goals


This investment in your health: $150

Please note: Grocery store tours are available for Tarrant County residents only.